Our Partners (Line Card)


Energy Monitoring Products

  • KWH/Demand Submeters
  • Profiling & Billing Systems
  • Energy Dashboards
  • Gas/water submeters.

Hammond Manufacturing

NEMA rated Industrial Electrical Enclosures

  • Standard painted steel, Stainless Steel
  • Modifed / Customs available

Electronic Cases and Enclosures

Marinco Power Products

  • OEM Wiring Devices
  • 150-400a Single Pole Cam connectors
  • Stage Pin (Bates) & power connectors
  • DC & USB chargers
  • OEM Battery Chargers
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Battery Disconnects
  • Marine rated wire & cable

Rex Power Magnetics

  • Dry-type Power and General Purpose Transformers (up to 15MVA)
  • Custom voltage & specialty transformers
  • K-Rated, shielded, encapsulated, hazardous Location, Marine Duty, Seismic, reactors, chokes, and auto tranformers
  • Quick Turn

Springer Controls Company, LLC

  • Pendant Stations
  • CAM Switches
  • Rotary Gear Limit Switches
  • Disconnects
  • Pilot Devices
  • IEC Starters and Contactors
  • Stack Lights
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Ice Cube Relays
  • PFC Capacitors
  • Oil Immersed Controls
  • Wind Turbine Grease Systems

Mercer Sales, Inc.

Proudly serving the manufacturers that we represent in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula!